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Where Comfort Meets Innovation

Nurturing Smiles with Precision and Empathy
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Full-Service Dental Practice

We are dedicated to delivering outstanding care to the residents of Pueblo, Colorado. Under the leadership of Sterling Rogers, DDS, and Michael Bull, DDS, the practice is thriving.

Dr. Bull
Dr. Rogers
Portrait of Dr. Sterling Rogers and Dr. Michael Bull, the head dentists at our Full-Service Dental Practice, smiling confidently in professional attire.
A symbolic representation of growth and investment, showing a sprouting plant in a glass full of coins, reflecting the commitment to making dental care affordable and accessible.

Affordable, Accessible, & Reliable

Every effort is made to simplify billing and dental insurance requirements with the hopes of making it easier and more enjoyable to get the care needed to thrive.

Expert Denturist

A master of dental artistry with over three decades of experience, Danny Roybal is at the heart of our clinic’s success. His dedication to patients and craftsmanship has made a lasting impact on the Pueblo community. Get to know Danny’s story and his contributions to Prestige Denture Clinic.

Danny Roybal
Portrait of Danny Roybal, a seasoned denturist with over thirty years of experience, showcasing his warm and professional demeanor. His dedication to patient care and craft is central to the clinic's success and has positively influenced the Pueblo community.

What We Offer

Icon representing preventive care, featuring a shield with a plus sign, symbolizing the protection and enhancement of oral health through preventative dental practices.

Preventive Care

Building the Foundation for Healthy Smiles - Our preventive dentistry prioritizes your oral health with thorough exams, cutting-edge imaging, and expert cleanings. We empower you with knowledge for a lifetime of dental wellness.
Icon of a protected tooth within a stylish circle, representing restorative dental techniques aimed at preserving and restoring natural smiles.

Restorative Techniques

Preserving Your Natural Smile - Our conservative restorative approach safeguards your tooth's integrity. Experience precise diagnostics and innovative treatments from fillings to root canals, all aimed at enhancing your dental health.
Icon illustrating a sparkling tooth, denoting our range of cosmetic dental solutions designed to enhance and beautify your smile.

Cosmetic Solutions

Customized Beauty for Your Smile - Discover a range of cosmetic options, from natural-looking fillings to radiant veneers and brightening whitening. Tailored to your unique desires, we craft smiles that radiate confidence.
Icon of a handshake, signifying the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere at our advanced dental care center.

Warm Welcome

Your Gateway to Advanced Dental Care - Join our Prestige Dental family in Pueblo. Meet our friendly team and explore how state-of-the-art care can transform your dental experience.

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Contact us for a free consultation which includes a personalized oral health planning and a detailed discussion of your dental goals and options. We're committed to providing you with the highest standard of care and guiding you towards the best solutions for your dental needs.

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